WTH is SNMP and SNMP polling??

  1. Collects and organize device information on the Network.
  2. Gather information from : Switches, Routers,Wireless Access Point, Firewalls, VPN Connectors, Cloud Providers.
  3. Information can be CPU usage on device,Memory Usage, Temperature of the devices, Bandwidth usageetc.
  1. GET ( To gather specific Information)
  2. SET (To change value of SNMP object)
  3. trap/inform SNMP
  1. OID’s (Object Identifier)
  2. MIB (Management Information Base)
  3. NMS (Network Management System)
  1. Passive Visibility Technique
  2. Asynchronous Communication
  3. NMS will be notified only if event occurs
  1. Active Visibility Technique
  2. Synchronous Communication
  3. NMS will do query for any event in certain interval




Security Analyst, Bug XS Community Leader

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Parth Shukla

Parth Shukla

Security Analyst, Bug XS Community Leader

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