GraphQL exploitation → 💶💶💶



  1. It is alternative to API standards like REST and SOAP
  2. It is an Query Language for API. It is used to interact and to fetch data from back-end.
  3. GraphQL are also written in JSON format.
  4. Unlike Rest API, GraphQL get all the data in a single request ( Check below Image)


  1. /graphql
  2. /graphiql
  3. /graphql.php or /graphql.php/debug=1
  4. /graphie/console/ → Online GQL IDE to interact with back-end
  1. GraphQL is enabled
  2. IDE is not enabled.

Introspection Query

  1. GraphQL is enabled
  2. IDE is not enabled
  3. Back-end system relations with the help of introspection





Security Analyst, Bug XS Community Leader

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Parth Shukla

Parth Shukla

Security Analyst, Bug XS Community Leader

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